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16th Austrian Open Championships 2009 – 1st IPDSC Standard in Vienna

The audience in Wiener Stadthalle, experienced and competent, appreciated the high level of dancing in this final, of course cheering for its absolute favourite couple Paolo Bosco and Silvia Pitton. But also the other five couples proved the high level in this IPDSC Standard final. In the end the following result was announced:

1. Paolo Bosco – Silvia Pitton (ITA)
2. Luca Bussoletti – Tiasha Vulich (SLO)
3. Isaia Berardi – Cinzia Birarelli (ITA)
4. Roman Goncharov – Maria Sekistova (RUS)
5. Vladislav Ivanovich – Olga Trybushevskaya (BLR)
6. Mauro Favaro – Angelina Schabulina (ITA)

~ by SAI on November 20, 2009.

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