This Time – Last Year!

A brief look back at last year’s World Standard through an article which was published in the World DanceSport Magazine (WDSM) – Issue 3:

Vienna, the city which lends its name to a Waltz, welcomed those who know how to dance it better than anyone. 73 couples from 39 nations competed on 15 November for the coveted title of World Standard Champion.  After four challenging rounds, six finalists were called up to present their five Standard dances one more time to the IDSF Adjudicators and the sell-out crowd. In the end, Italians Paolo Bosco and Silvia Pitton did the Dance of Honour: the last Viennese Waltz performed by the old and new champions of the world!

The IDSF WorldDanceSport Championship Standard was the absolute highlight of the2008 Austrian Open. The Open itself was bigger than any of the 14 previous editions, gathering nearly 3,000 athletes for 20 international and national competitions staged over four days. The capacity of the “Stadthalle”, the traditional venue for DanceSport in the Austrian capital, was put to the ultimate test on the evening of 20 November, when the semi-finals and finals of the World Standard Championship alternated with the decisive stages of the International Latin Open. Fire code restrictions kept hundreds who tried to buy their tickets at the last minute out. “Sold out,” was the disappointing message transmitted with Viennese politeness at the box office. There simply was no standing room left! 

The atmosphere in the hall was marked by the contrast between formal attire – the 73 couples on the floor as well as some of the spectators were dressed to a code of gowns and tails – and tumultuous scenes in the most partisan sections of the audience. The tricolour flags waved by Italians, Germans and Russians, and the incessant cheers and claps, brought back memories of football’s Euro 2008 held in Austria three months earlier. 

That Paolo Bosco and Silvia Pitton would defend the title won 2007 in Moscow was expected by many. Again, it was their refined technique and their strong charisma which had them prevail over the strong runners-up Benedetto Feruggia and Claudia Köhler, GER, and the convincing bronze medallists Andera Ghighiarelli and Sara Andracchio, ITA. The five-minute standing ovation by the expert audience rewarded the six finalists for having established new levels of excellence in the Standard dances.

Read the full article in the WDSM, click here.


~ by SAI on November 19, 2009.

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